457 St Kilda Rd. Melbourne

Industry: Utilities sector

Size: 6000m2

Year: 2011

Serviceworks provides specialist consulting, solution development and end to end customer management services primarily for the Utilities sector. It has grown from a start-up business in 1999 providing advice to energy retailers, to a vibrant growing team delivering excellence in customer management services, consulting and technology solutions to utilities covering most states of Australia.

Linear were engaged as the lead design consultants, to consolidate their rapidly growing business into new Headquarters at 457 St Kilda Rd. Melbourne. The 6000m2 fitout brings together for the first time teams from 3 different locations across Melbourne, creating exciting opportunities for the business and their people. Our brief was to create a look and feel that strongly reflected the Serviceworks brand and their multiple partnerships, whilst still retaining “ a small company feel “ that was boutique (not corporate) fun, young and vibrant.

The overall design solution was developed around creating a warehouse feel, in what was essentially a corporate building. Warehouse style elements such as industrial style light fittings and plywood screens, created a warehouse overlay within the design to help dispel the sense of a traditionally corporate space. Plywood boxes screen the entrance of each floor and display the brands and logos of Serviceworks partners. Bold, strong colour and pattern was used to vary the personality of each floor, further reinforcing a smaller, more intimate vibe on each level. Geometric, repetitive pattern was used on glazing and workstation fabrics to create a rhythm and an energy reflective of the” Utilities” business.

The planning solution draws on the unique attributes of the Faulkner Park location and is key to encouraging interaction across the 4 floors. Key teaming zones are consolidated around the Faulkner Park views and the central stair to create a vertical hub to meeting rooms and the centralized Breakout which supports the business with fun gaming areas, vine walls and refectory dining feel to encourage collaboration.

The overall project budget was tight and modest, and we were lucky to be able to integrate all engineering services to suit our floor plans to save Serviceworks over $400,000. We worked tightly with the base building architect to achieve a successful solution for both parties.