H&R Block Office of the Future- Pilot

H&R Block

Pilot Store, Caroline Springs

Industry: Accounting

Size: 40 m2

Year: 2019

Linear were engaged by H&R Block to create a pilot store for their Office of the Future. In partnership with Relative Projects, a new retail strategy was developed that placed greater focus on customer relationships, millennial appeal and increasing utilisation beyond the 16 weeks of tax time. Linear developed and implemented an exciting new design concept that is affordable and adaptable to various store sizes and layouts as H&R Block move towards a national rollout.

The strategy and design were developed and implemented in a short 6 month period to have the pilot store opened for June 30th.
The design solution creates a flexible and adaptable environment that is welcoming, contemporary and collaborative. Digital overlays activate the shopfront and provide interactive elements in store.
The principles behind the planning centre around 3 key zones of Attract, Guide & Learn and Personal Consult.
The Attract Zone forms the shopfront façade and is the H&R Block street presence. Focused messaging is visible year- round.
The Guide & Learn zone brings the future H&R Block experience to life. Here the customers can test, discover and learn in a supported digital in-store environment.
Personal Consult areas are where face to face interaction and complex tax problems are solved.
The design solution encourages more personalised interactions with customers through more open and welcoming settings. The H&R Block “green” continues to have presence but is more strategic and focal in its application.