Catholic Church Insurances

Catholic Church Insurances

Level 6-9, 485 Latrobe Street, Melbourne, Victoria

Industry: Insurance

Size: 5000m2

Year: 2009

Catholic Church Insurance has been serving the Church in Australia since 1911. The company is one of the oldest insurance companies in Australia and forms the basis for the structure and philosophy of the company.

Linear were engaged as the lead design consultants in their move from St Kilda Road into 5000m2 at 485 La Trobe St., Melbourne. This project was Linear’s main focus in 2009 was completed at the end of December 2009. Linear has now been granted an extension to the project to complete the external balconies on two levels.

The key driver for the project was to accommodate Catholic Church Insurance’s rapidly growing business from its current personnel of 140 to an expected growth of 193 by the move in date. With this is mind, the overall planning solution was to create a flexible environment that could evolve with the business and as CCI’s needs and requirements changed over time.

The overall design solution is one that is unique to CCI and is a true reflection of their core business and cultural objectives – all of which focus around their commitment to “Serve Church’. Symbolic references to Church have been introduced in contemporary ways, from the stacked stone wall in the receiving areas, to the decorative ceilings in breakout spaces and use of mosaic pattern and warm neutral tones throughout the workplace.

The planning reinforces their culture of honesty and fairness with all people having access to natural light and views. The workplace is predominantly open plan ,with all full height environment in the core areas. Staff areas such as communal breakouts , training and gym facilities are co- located on the floor with the best views in the facility – again, reflecting a commitment to their people and further reinforcing their family culture.